Restoring balance.

What does that really mean?


Making the unconscious conscious - unpacking the collective gender stereotypes and bias.

Identifying and removing the systemic barriers that prevent women progressing to the top.

Building a sustainable pipeline of female talent to ensure balanced representation at every level within an organisation.

Debunking the myths of 'female' leadership, and how it's not just about the number of men and women in the organisation. 

To truly make equal = EQUAL.


Making your unconscious conscious - unpacking personal gender stereotypes and bias.

Identifying and removing personal barriers to enable you to reach your full potential personally and professionally.

Achieving balance in work and life (it is possible).

Becoming a truly inclusive, authentic and unique leader.

Restoring the balance between the authentic masculine and authentic feminine.

It's balancing the yin and the yang. Balancing heart, mind, body & soul.