The 11 Principles of Making MsChief


Some may think that Making MsChief is about rocking the boat.

Making a ruckus. Being a problem. Causing trouble. Being a rebel. An activist. A feminist.

It's not about being mischievous, or naughty, or rebellious or intentionally being a trouble maker. 

The intention of Making MsChief is from a place of positivity, inclusivity and love. 

It's being a rebel with a cause.

PRINCIPLE 1: MsChief's are curious and courageous

MsChief’s are curious about how to disentangle themselves from the rules and expectations of others. 

It requires them to have the messy and courageous conversations.

They tread a new path, and pave the way for other MsChief’s to follow.

They are the brave ones. The pioneers.

PRINCIPLE 2: MsChief's are truthtellers

MsChief's show up, speak up and stand in their truth.

They tell their stories and share their vulnerabilities.

They speak truth to power.

PRINCIPLE 3: MsChief's breakdown barriers and establish boundaries

MsChief's understand that the glass ceiling is both imposed and self-imposed, and it is not solely experienced by women. 

At a micro level MsChief’s remove the personal barriers that get in their own way of progress. They establish healthy, clear boundaries that they live and lead by.

At a macro level they remove institutionalised and systemic barriers to progression, so that if you are talented enough, you are able to rise to the C-Suite because you are the best candidate for the job and not because of the 'labels' that you have.

PRINCIPLE 4: MsChiefs are alchemists of inclusion

MsChief's lead by identifying, changing and re-defining the unquestioned rules to enable a culture that is truly diverse and inclusive.

They celebrate and leverage originality, uniqueness and difference. Understanding, embracing and accepting all our differences.

Their intention is pure and magical.

PRINCIPLE 5: MsChief's are balanced in their decision making

For MsChief's the proof is not 'in the pudding'. Or the data. Or the evidence. Or an extensive powerpoint presentation.

Knowledge is not power for a MsChief. Inner wisdom or inner knowing is their real power.

MsChief’s make decisions based on thinking, feeling and sensing. Decisions that are aligned with their moral compass.

MsChief’s look inside of themselves for guidance, making decisions with their head, their hearts and their intuition.

PRINCIPLE 6: MsChief's are committed to personal growth, evolution and transformation

MsChief’s are self-aware. 

Restoring balance starts from within.

They are committed to growth, learning, development and evolving.

The real shifts are made from the inside-out. The answers are within. 

Transformation is an inside job.

PRINCIPLE 7: MsChief's are committed to restoring their mind, body and soul to a natural state of balance

Exhaustion. Busy-ness. Feeling knackered. Being tired. Shattered. That's not the way of the MsChief.

For a MsChief  "shattered" is only referenced in terms of the glass ceiling.

MsChief's manage their energy not their time. They achieve work-life balance AND they are balanced in mind, body and soul.

PRINCIPLE 8: Making and creativity is at the heart of being a MsChief

MsChief’s use their innate creativity to make a real difference.

They birth ideas and move them from their heads, to their hearts, using their hands.

At their core, in their heart, a MsChief wants to create a better world and a better planet for all.

PRINCIPLE 9: MsChiefs are truly authentic leaders

Authenticity is about being real and balanced.

The real you.

At times, the messy you.

It's being the leader you were destined to be, not the one you are told to be.

PRINCIPLE 10: MsChief's make REAL connections 

MsChief's do not 'network' in the typical way.

MsChief's build real, authentic and honest connections with others.

Connections that are built on truth, honesty and respect. 



PRINCIPLE 11: MsChief’s build their tribe

MsChief's build a tribe based on

  • Interdependence

  • Sisterhood

  • Family

  • Humanity

  • Togetherness

  • WILD-ness

A tribe where all are welcome, regardless of your labels.

It's all-inclusive.

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