Welcome to the blog that's not-a-blog.


It's always on my to-do list.

I tried to write a blog. I really tried. And yet, I kept on resisting doing it. It felt hard. What do I write about? What is the right title for SEO? What is my social media strategy? 

I knew I should write a blog.

It's good for business. It's good for SEO.

The problem with 'shoulds' is that they belong to other people and not to ourselves. 'Shoulds' are the expectations of others that we apply to our own lives.

Writing a blog felt restrictive. Having a social media strategy that defined what I write about and when felt suffocating. Restriction and suffocation are not great feelings for accessing my inspiration and creativity.

So, I asked myself, what felt easy? What felt like my way of getting my message across? What felt like play? How do I get my message across in a way that fuels my creativity?

And the answer was my Instagram feed.

My Instagram feed is my version of a blog, and yet it's not a blog. 

Permission granted to do it differently.