Download your free maternal bias workbook now

Women are ‘lost’ at every stage of the talent pipeline. Evidence shows that this is bad for all types of business. There are many reasons that impact the attraction, progression, retention and performance of females in the workplace - systemic gender bias is one of those. To create a more balanced better performing business and wider culture we need to do things differently.

This workbook is for leaders (although you don’t need the title of leader, manager or partner to be a leader). It won’t give you all the answers, but it will help to start to explore some of your implicit or explicit biases towards mothers and women of child bearing age (don’t worry, we all have them).

My approach is to make your unconscious conscious - raising self-awareness is a fundamental principle of every Making MsChief program.

If you choose to spend time completing this workbook you can expect to: 

  • Begin to identify the conscious and unconscious biases that you may have towards mothers and women of child bearing age and to take mitigating actions to help minimise the impact of these in the organisation

  • Understand in more detail your personal imprint of what you believe to be true about Mothers (Mum, Mummy, Ma, Mama…. You can use whatever word you prefer) and working mothers and how this may impact your decision making

  • Increase your self-awareness with regards to maternal bias, stereotyping and the motherhood penalty

  • Understand how these can create imposed and, if you are a mother, self-imposed barriers for perfomance, retention and progression

  • Identify personal commitments for moving forwards in the world to be a more inclusive leader

Together we can make a little bit of MsChief® and make a more balanced and inclusive world for everyone, regardless of their labels.