I'm the Chief MsChief Maker

I make MsChief for a living.

You can also call me Lyndsey.

You might call it an intention or a mission. I call it a purpose. My purpose is to restore gender balance in the workplace and to restore balance to our lives. 

I created my own job title because nothing else seemed to fit.  There wasn’t a role title that I knew of that defined who I am and what I do. Believe me I tried a few. Coach. Facilitator. Mentor. Gender Diversity and Inclusion Specialist. Subject Matter Expert. None of them really worked.

A made-up job title might seem a bit frivolous and appear like a gimmick but in a light-hearted way I am making a very serious point. ‘Labels’ define us. Labels can be limiting or enabling. Labels drive bias and stereotyping.

And still, we (and the world) define each other by a set of labels. These consciously and unconsciously hold us back from being the very best version of ourselves. We see (most) C-Suites dominated by those that have certain labels, and ‘woman’ or ‘female’ are generally not two of the labels that we see represented at the top of our organisations.

The one label we all share is human. And, I want to live in a world where all humans are equal regardless of their labels.

Prior to Making MsChief I gained 13 years’ experience within a FTSE 100 FMCG company across a number of IT leadership roles. I had a successful IT career. I had moved up the ladder and my performance was always in the top quartile. At the time I would have said without any form of doubt that I was an authentic leader and I knew who I really was, and, the glass-ceiling was some fictitious, hypothetical myth that other people experienced.

How wrong I was.

Now I know that I had unconsciously twisted and contorted myself to navigate my way through and fit into a system. Fitting in was not something new to me, as with all of us, it starts from birth. It was only when I got a new label of 'Mrs' and ‘Mummy’ that everything changed and my perception shifted.  It was also the first time that I ever encountered the so-called 'Glass-Ceiling'.

When I’m not Making MsChief for work I am making MsChief of a different kind. Work is balanced out by being a MsChief Mum, planning crazy adventures and I am also a bit ( a lot) obsessed with CrossFit.

I am not here to cause trouble.

I am here to Make MsChief.

And I would love for you to join the tribe of MsChief Makers.

Let’s make MsChief together.



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